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Welcome to Boon Surveying

What is Surveying?

Surveying and measuring is the measurement and mapping of the environment with the aid of mathematics. With advanced technology, Boon Surveying ensures data capture. Data that is used when building infrastructure and objects. Or for determining the ownership limit. We also carry out measurements accurately under the ground. In addition to VCA certification, we are also an affordable partner.

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“I Would Wanna Know Once” came to visit Boon Landmeten! This stubborn, but above all humorous program had a viewer question that led to us.

About us

Being a boss in the industry that I know so well and where my passion lies was always a dream of mine, Richard Boon. For many years I worked as a surveyor for a company and therefore gained….

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Surveying is, in short, a geometric description of pieces of land. This includes, among other things, checking building constructions and advising in legal provisions. You can find us along…


For a smooth running of your building project, dimensioning is the basis on which a project is based. Boon Surveying sets accurate starting points with the help of modern Surveying equipment….

Broad geodesy expertise

Boon Surveying has a team of experts from the field. We work with the latest and most advanced equipment. We work with GPS equipment as well as a tachymeter and leveling tools. Boon Surveying has been using 3D laser scanning for some time now.

This is a technique to measure with the precision of a few millimeters. For example, with deformation measurements we can easily determine whether deformations have taken place or have taken place. Through years of experience with 3D laser scanning, we offer you a professional helping hand. Boon Surveying ensures accurate and rapid measurement results.

We are the partner for measuring, setting, setting up and demarcating a plot or object. Boon Surveying is active in various sectors. We help you with both large and small-scale projects in road construction, concrete measurement and utility construction. In addition, we minimize the risks and limit the costs. We invest not only in the best and latest equipment, but also in our employees. Be assured of the highest possible quality, for a soft price. What can you use Boon Surveying for:
Dimension of utility and housing construction Dimensions for ground, road and hydraulic engineering [Civil] Architecture | Rail-infra | Altitude measurement l Deformation measurements GPS measurements [Construction] Dimensions Surveying Geodesy

Do you have any questions or would you like a tailor-made offer? Please contact us.
Boon Landmeten, to be precise!

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