Cadastral measurement

Cadastral measurement

One of our areas of expertise is the cadastral measurement. We assist in plotting property boundaries, determining plot areas, splitting lots, and boundary reconstructions. We take care of all cadastral measurements and proceedings. The land surveyors of Boon Surveying request the correct field work at the land registry and provide a professional and careful completion of your project.

Proceedings cadastral measurement

We advise you about the correct cadastral proceedings and cadastral documents. We assist in new construction projects, but also in adjusting boundaries or lots. A cadastral measurement starts with plotting the boundaries. Thereafter these boundaries will be surveyed according to the requirements of the land registry. Boundary points, proximity, relationship and integration on the cadastral map are taken into account. Afterwards, all data is processed and verified and plots are drawn according to the requirements of the land registry. Finally, we advise you, our client.

When is a cadastral measurement required?

There are several reasons to perform a cadastral measurement. For example, if you want to determine the property boundary of a property that is not yet registered in the land registry we assist you in establishing this boundary. Moreover, this avoids possible conflicts in the future. If a plot of land is sold, it might be necessary to perform a cadastral measurement. Sometimes a plot is divided, due to which new boundaries originate. For these boundaries new cadastral measurements should be performed.

What equipment is used for cadastral measurements?

To perform cadastral measurements we use the most recent and advanced techniques. Measurements are performed with GPS equipment and satellite connection. This way, property boundaries can be displayed very precisely and the location of the boundary will always be clear. This prevents you from conflicts. When you want to be certain about boundaries, always have a cadastral measurement performed.

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