Control measurement

Control measurement

Control measurements are important to make sure the correct measurements are used. Our land surveyors are specialized in performing the most convenient digital measurement at any location. Performing extra control measurements prevents you from unforeseen circumstances, which will eventually cut costs. It is wise to perform frequent control measurements, particularly with large projects. Control measurements are a verification or improvement of previous measurements.

What does a control measurement entail?

During a control measurement performed by Boon Surveying previous measurements are accurately carried out again. Accurate measurements are also of great importance for finished construction projects. Not only buildings, but also constructions are constantly in motion. This might cause minor shifts. These shifts pose a risk to the entire project. Therefore, it is very important to map and monitor these shifts as detailed as possible.

When are control measurements required?

There are several reasons to perform control measurements. For example, something shifts or there is a suspicion that something shifts. When this is the case a control measurement can provide more insight. Furthermore, there is a chance that something transforms. A control measurement can map these transformations. Therefore, control measurements are performed for various projects, such as volume and surface determination, measurement of dimensions, and deformation measurement.

Performing control measurements

Our experts perform control measurements in various types of projects, such as situation and detail measurements, height measurements, and cadastral measurements. We provide a custom solution for every question. Boon Surveying applies the highest standards and works with the latest equipment. We always use the most recent technologies to ensure correct measurements. Feel free to contact our experts with possible questions about control measurements or to request a quotation.

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