Height measurement

Height measurement

You want to map subsidence accurately. With height measurements subsidence of infrastructure, objects and foundation, both above and underground, is captured. This prevents additional work during a project.

Height measurement methods

Height measurements are an important aspect of several projects. In height measurements the difference in altitude between multiple points is measured. Modern digital spirit levels, a tachymeter or GPS measurements are used to measure height difference. At Boon Surveying we have the best solution for every issue.

Trigonometric and GPS height measurement

With a trigonometric measurement the height of an object gets measured with reference to the horizontal distance and vertical angle. For this, a tachymeter is used. During a trigonometric measurement the curvature of the earth is taken into account. Boon Surveying land surveyors set up the tachymeter exactly in the middle to adjust for error margins. Besides using a tachymeter, GPS measurements are used. These measurements are easy and quickly to perform. However, they are a little less accurate than measurements performed using a tachymeter or a digital spirit level.

What does height measurement entail?

Boon Surveying guarantees the highest quality in their height measurements. First, we apply height marks, which we measure in relation to each other and a fixed point in the area. The exact position of an object can be captured. During projects, the vertical movement of objects can be registered very accurately.

Request a height measurement

Do you start a project for which a height measurement should be performed? Feel free to contact one of our experts. We deliver custom solutions for every project. We perform measurements throughout the Netherlands and gladly assist you in achieving the best results for your project.

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