Pipeline registration

Pipeline registration

We live in a densely populated country. Many buildings and objects are connected to several networks, such as gas, electricity, water, and cable. Pipeline registration is getting more and more important for large and small projects. In many cases the pipeline registration concerns new pipes. However, we also perform pipeline registrations of existing cables and pipes.

Pipeline registration techniques

With the most recent technologies pipelines can be registered and measured very accurately. For this, accurate GPS-systems are used. Besides, we work according to the latest legislation and WION-guidelines. Cables and pipes that need to be moved are measured in an accurate way. Due to pipeline registration cable and pipeline networks can be easily retrieved. In addition to digital measurements, we also perform certain measurements analogous.

Processing pipeline registration data

After the measurements are performed the data is processed into revision maps with AutoCad. Thereafter, we review de maps for any imperfections in the measurements. In every phase of the trajectory we inform you about the progress. The data will be delivered digitally, so that it can be used for the registration of pipelines or cables.

Pipeline registration by Boon Surveying

We gladly help you performing measurements for the registration of pipelines and cables. At Boon Surveying we have the expertise to solve any issue. We adapt the project to the wishes of our client. Are you looking for a reliable partner? Boon Surveying can help you. We assist you and our experienced team is always there to help you. Feel free to contact us with possible questions about pipeline registrations or to request a quotation.

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