Surveying is, in short, a geometric description of pieces of land. This includes, among other things, checking building constructions and advising in legal provisions. You can find us along motorways, railway lines or in a new residential area. Boon Surveying is the expert and professional partner in the field of surveying. Our land surveyors have years of experience and carry out their work with great precision. In order to ensure you of the best quality, we work exclusively with high-quality equipment and the latest technology. We listen to you, but also think along with you and then give the best advice on surveying. At Boon Surveying , every project with the highest possible quality and satisfaction is completed.

Our field experience

Our expertise within Surveying reaches far. You can contact us for: control measurements, deformation measurements, height measurements, cadastral measurements, pipeline registration and situation and detail measurements. The experienced team at Boon Surveying carries out both large and small projects and can be deployed at any stage of construction. You can also contact us for the mapping of property boundaries and for providing geometric descriptions with maps.

What does Surveying mean?

Surveying is a professional activity of geodesy. A science that calculates the mutual position of specific points of the earth’s surface. Our surveyors are engaged in measuring, expanding, demarcating and arranging pieces of land, surfaces under water, (parts of) real estate and other objects. We do this with the utmost precision and the latest technology. We also have an advisory task when estimating real estate sales values. We work with the aid of GPS, a tachymeter, leveling instruments and 3D-lasering. This way we can deliver accurate measurement results.

We invest in quality

Just like you, we at Boon Surveying also set the highest standards for surveying. That is why we continuously invest in the latest complex measuring instruments and in our employees. A good cooperation is of great importance to us. We are happy to advise you and offer customized help. Do you have any questions about surveying? Feel free to contact us without obligation. contact.

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